• Learn actress for a luxury brand high heels to wear by starting with the feet

    For the modern urban white-collar women, high heels is a "unspeakable pain". No matter go to work, shopping, red bottom shoes  travel, high heels are on any occasion can modify women leg ministry line, but will it as an ultimate fashion aesthetics. However,red bottom shoes for men  almost all women in high heels "tired feet", "pain", "can't walk far", "easy" and other problems, more medicine, according to the long-term wearing high heels for women foot and leg can cause some damage.

    In order to wear high heels at the same time, reduce the resulting discomfort, and some women choose to "red bottoms shoes spend high price buy good shoes", urban white-collar miss wang said, "buy a good shoes is more important than anything, often want to spend my half a monthly salary water, may be much better than ordinary shoes, red bottom shoes for women but it's not perfect."

    Recently, a new kind of footwear to define "comfortable high heels" the consumers and the media attention. The concept is put forward by innovative shoes brand le think of worldly pleasures, cheap red bottom shoes and was the first to put into practice. "Comfortable high heels" means, in the process of high-heeled shoes manufacturing, complete with reference to the Asian women skeletal features, setting up reasonable slope based on the human body mechanics, design the most appropriate focus, let the women wear brucegmusic.com high heels to ease the pain to the greatest extent at the same time, improve comfort, truly "gets" heel effect.

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    Samedi 29 Décembre 2018 à 12:38
    That is not the Dennis Seymour I've seen!
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